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duned and gloomed marooned seahorse tail neatly curled

libations melting down me sticky in the chesthair

the messes we make in management’s absence, lengths lapping and frothing off

pop and cycle, boundried with joke sticks, mancala gems

so okay in the thin spread of it all, granularly, make a clean breast of the bodyunion:

preliesure maintenance of reality, pods, crusted on, frothing off

ultimately, my summer bod is identical to the rest of the year’s bod

cept with more popcycles in cold storage

cruising ambitious, riding indigo, my eyes swelled verdancing riverly

flicking my tongue at my own train weren’t it movin too

so cranberry had me, meant nothing by the sour and the castic

on my bridge, I like watching my body make

a bulge in the shape of me in the chainlink

padlocks rightly clunking and with no sourcasm

I’ll be soothesighing taking the census of the ripple of birds

D. Kopec is a queer non-binary poet from Boise, Idaho. They have been pursuing their BFA in Creative Writing at Boise State University, often attending part-time, since 2015. They are 27 years old. D’s poems are largely concerned with queer neurodivergent life in a small, red-stated community. Short-order kitchens, flower farming, cross country running, and a persistent admiration of birds can all serve as summations for D’s work. They live dreamily and carefully with their spouse Tay, and their two cats and two dogs.

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